Gator Growl Overtakes Flavet Field

On Sunday, March 30th, Gator Growl & Homecoming announced that with a new vision to reinvent the spectacle into a more interactive, innovative and intimate show, Flavet Field will be the new host to Gator Growl 2014. As a longstanding tradition at the University of Florida, Gator Growl is a show produced by students for students and alumni. Over the years the University has seen a decline in student attendance because they feel disconnected to the pep rally. However, this year the change of venue will reignite the passion that all students once had about Gator Growl. Flavet Field offers more options and flexibility for use of space, giving way to the Limitless theme. Gator Growl originally started as a bonfire on Flavet Field. The executive board believes there is no better way to move into the future with the show than to bring it back to its roots. This change in venue not only has many new possibilities for the students but also for alumni. The Gator Growl Team wants to make sure that alumni have the same experience of the show that students are having, while also maintaining the atmosphere the stadium’s seats and boxes offered. Without the distance between the audience and the stage that was experienced at the stadium, the audience will be able to enjoy a more intimate show and have closer seating options. From big-name entertainment and multiple stages, to front row standing room and VIP tents, the evolution of Gator Growl showcases the Limitless spirit of the Gator Nation.