The Evolution of Gator Growl

Gator Growl has greatly transformed since its beginning in 1931. Originally cultivated as “Dad’s Day” back when UF was an all-men’s university, Growl has always held family, tradition and school spirit in its core. UF Homecoming and Gator Growl has brought in acts like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Steve Miller Band, Snoop Dogg, Robin Williams, Walk the Moon and many more, to the heart of the Gator Nation.

In 1932, Gator Growl produced student talent through skits and guests speakers. As the years went on, technology improved and Gator spirit heightened — so did Gator Growl. With a staff of over 200 students, Growl continues to showcase musical talent, the UF Football Team, the Dazzlers, Albert and Alberta, President Fuchs and more.

From a small group of students hanging out in the student union to setting off fireworks in The Swamp to jamming on Flavet Field, Gator Growl has become nationally recognized as week of true homecoming spirit with its inclusion of events like the Homecoming Leadership Pageant, Soulfest and the Homecoming Parade. This is where alumni and students alike can immerse themselves in The Swamp to get ready for the big football game, while reliving the college days and catching up with old friends.