UF Students Reflect on Gator Growl

When asked to reflect upon Growl, many students repeated the same testament: Gator Growl is a highly anticipated homecoming ritual. The theme this year highlights Gator tradition, and what would tradition be without this age-old event?

“Gator Growl is a unique time where students and alumni come together to celebrate the school we all love,” said former student senator and upcoming third-year Michael Rosen.

While the performers will change and traditions inevitably evolve, Growl is one thing that will continue to unite generations of gators.

“Gator Growl is a time for me to remember the highlights of my semester with friends and family and take a break from exams,” added junior class secretary and Vice President of Delta Phi Epsilon sorority, Esther Kim. “It is definitely the most exciting part of the fall!”

Unique to Growl is its appeal to students/alumni of all ages.

Graduating senior Rachel Solomon says one thing she will miss is the anticipation of Growl as it culminates the end of homecoming week: “Gator Growl was one of my favorite events at UF because it got everyone excited for the homecoming football game.”

With an emphasized focus on this beloved tradition, 2019 Growl has students eager to rally together and support their school, as in countless years prior.