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Country artists Maddie and Tae at Gator Growl in 2016

Throughout the years, a variety of artists, performers and comedians have taken the Gator Growl stage during Homecoming week. Bringing in these performers, Gator Growl strives to architect shared experiences that cultivate community and harness its power to create an impact.

As times change and years goes by, the performers of Gator Growl have been a reflection of the tone on campus and the values of students, alumni and the Gator Nation. The performers of Gator Growl appeal to and unite students from all walks of life and parts of campus.

Some of the more notable performers include iconic stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld. Performing at 1988 Growl, Seinfeld was the opening act for comedian Steven Wright. It was just a couple months before the beloved sitcom Seinfeld aired on July of 1989.

“I remember thinking that is the funniest guy I’ve ever seen in my life,” said 1991 UF graduate Jose Cornide. “I think it’s so cool we got to see him before he was famous.”

The native Florida band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, also took the Growl stage in 2007. The band, known for football tailgate staples such as Sweet Home Alabama and iconic ballad such as Free Bird, left their mark on the Growl stage.

The most recent country artists to take the stage were Maddie and Tae. The duo performed at Growl in 2016, singing their hit songs like Girl in a Country Song and Fly.

HCGG wants to carry on the tradition of fun, exciting and unique performers in 2019 that reflect why Gainesville is Gator Country. We constantly strive to curate a set of performers that not only excites and appeals to all audiences, but curate an unforgettable shared experience.