10 Reasons to Buy a Ticket to Gator Growl 2019

Gator Growl is the flagship event of the UF Homecoming festivities, with this year’s event taking place on Oct. 4, 2019. The tradition spans over decades as Gators from around the nation celebrate throughout The Swamp and Flavet Field. Why should you buy a Gator Growl 2019 ticket to continue this tradition?

  1. For An Unforgettable Concert.
    UF Homecoming & Gator Growl is dedicated to providing the best entertainment experience by inviting phenomenal artists and musicians each year to join the concert.
  2. For Gator Pride.
    Are you excited to cheer the famous Gator chants in preparation for the biggest football game of the year? Wear your Gator gear to Flavet Field to embrace your Gator pride.
  3. For Gator Marching Band.
    The Pride of the Sunshine Gator Marching band will perform at the beginning of Gator Growl. Come to see it if you don’t want to miss out one of the largest and most recognizable student marching bands in the world!
  4. For UF’s Cheerleaders and Dazzlers.
    Maybe you were once part of them, or maybe you love to see a good performance. No matter how you know them, you’ll be excited to enjoy their fantastic routines again at Flavet Field this year. Start the concert with our talented Cheerleaders and Dazzlers.
  5. For Experience.
    Although Gator Growl is a respected tradition, it’s still new every year! Every Gator Growl brings a brand new experience with different venders, fun activities, new friends and more. Come to Gator Growl 2019 for a unique night you’ll never forget.
  6. For Reunion.
    As an alumnus, Gator Growl is a good time to reconnect with old classmates, professors and staff who you haven’t seen for many years. As a student, you could run into any former classmate or friend at one of the most attended UF events of the year. Gator Growl unites the Gator Nation.
  7. For New Memories.
    Join us at Gator Growl to enrich your time at UF. Gator Growl is the largest student-run pep rally in the nation, so these memories will definitely never fade!
  8. For Celebration.
    Party in the bouncing crowd by the stage or dance on Flavet Field like nobody’s watching! Between the orange and blue confetti, the funny skits that are played during the event, our hilarious hosts, and our variety of performers, Gator Growl is always a good time.
  9. For Food Trucks.
    Nothing is better than attending a great concert while having tasty food! From hibachi to snow cones to grilled cheese and more, Gator Growl helps provide one of the best foodie scenes in Gainesville for a decent price.
  10. For Fun!
    Last but not certainly not least, Gator Growl is all about FUN! We can’t wait to see you on Oct.4. Let the Gator Growl!

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