5 Reasons to Attend the UF Homecoming Events

School spirit is one of the most important components of being a Gator, but it is often hard to show that spirit year-round. Homecoming week is a time-honored UF tradition and the perfect opportunity to remind yourself why being a Gator is so great. Below are five reasons you should embrace your school pride, and be a part of something 50,000 other students, as well as countless generations all find so special.

1. Gator Nation
The UF Homecoming Parade and the Homecoming Leadership Pageant are some of the University’s oldest traditions. We pride ourselves on being the largest student-run pep rally in the nation. Having such a unique title and homecoming week bonds you with your fellow peers, and is yet another reason attending the University of Florida is such a memorable experience.

2. Homecoming Game
In keeping theme with tradition, the annual homecoming football game is a true classic. Thousands of students, alumni and fans pack the stands to show their Gator pride, and support our winning team. Even the week before Homecoming is filled with anticipatory events leading up to the big game. Be it Soulfest, Gator Gallop or the Homecoming Festival, there is something for everyone, and multiple chances to get in the homecoming spirit.

3. Four Years is not Enough
In the blink of an eye, four long years come to an end, and the real world calls. It’s essential to make the most of your college experience, and Homecoming is no exception. Before you know it, you can no longer say “I’ll go next year,” and time will have flown by. Attending homecoming events will be a memory to reflect on and an experience you can only find in the swamp.

4. An Opportunity to Get Involved
As the largest student-run pep rally, a lot goes on behind the scenes where hundreds of students work diligently to make the homecoming events as special as they can be. If you have been looking for something to get involved in and be passionate about on campus, UF Homecoming & Gator Growl may be that outlet. From ambassadors to assistant directors to producers, there is a niche for every major and a chance to give back to the school we so love.

5. Gator to Gator
Making friends in a new school and a new town is not an easy challenge. Attending the various homecoming events is a chance to meet like-minded students and share in such unique memories.