How The Gator Growls Pt. 1

As planning heats up during the summer semester, UF Homecoming and Gator Growl would like to introduce three Associate Producers who lead teams of talented directors and assistant directors in their different areas of expertise. 

Hays Molm is a rising junior majoring in advertising, and he is currently serving as the Associate Producer of Design. 

Molm’s involvement with Growl has revolved around his passion for graphic design and social media management. Previously a Director of Art & Layout, Molm has shaped his involvement at UF around his future career goals.

“Gator Growl is so unique because I’m able to take these skills and work with my awesome Co-AP of Communications, Aschdin Fink, along with the rest of the amazingly talented comms,” said Molm. 

The obstacles the Homecoming and Gator Growl family has faced this year are unique, but they have not damped his spirits. “I’ve been a Gator for my whole life, so the traditions of the school are some of the most valuable moments I take away from my collegiate experience and my time as a fan,” said Molm.  

Tyler Lucas, a rising fourth year, is this year’s Associate General Chair of Community Events. He became involved with Growl his second year of college after one of his pledge brothers, a Growl director, pushed Lucas to get involved with the organization. Lucas had enjoyed the production from the audience’s perspective and decided to try it out. Before he knew it, Lucas was the Director of Script. 

“I loved all of Homecoming week and wanted to work on Homecoming more than just Gator Growl,” Lucas said. “Parade and Gallop are events that I’ve participated in before and wanted to leave my touch on.” 

Due to the role that alumni relations play in Growl’s tradition and culture, Lucas’ AGC role has given him the opportunity to oversee the work behind each of these events. 

Alex Coffey, a rising junior, is this year’s Associate Producer of Sales and Outreach. Her journey with Homecoming and Gator Growl began as the Administrative Assistant for last year’s producer, Corben Champeaux. 

“My favorite part about Growl is that it truly is a family,” Coffey said. Just as Champeaux introduced her to Growl and helped her achieve her position, Coffey said one of her goals for this year is to prepare her team members for success in their futures at UF. 

Coffey chose to work on the Sales and Outreach team because she wanted to contribute to heightening the energy and atmosphere at Growl by building a larger audience.

She is confident that this year’s team can sell out the show in the O’Dome as a perfect celebration of homecoming and the gator legacy that it represents. “I know that whatever Growl ends up looking like this year, it will be something really special,” Coffey said.