The Rise of Growl

For almost 100 years Gator Growl has been the largest student-run pep rally globally; it marks the culmination of Homecoming Week. More than 500 student volunteers work to coordinate the festivities for the Gator community. Producers, directors, assistant directors, and staff members are in charge of the production, execution, promotion, and dismantling of the show. 

Gator Growl has been held annually since 1924 when it replaced  “Dad’s Day,” a homecoming tradition that started in 1916.

The night show usually takes place on Flavet Field at the University of Florida. Before 2014, it was held at the University of Florida football stadium. 

Produced by Florida Blue Key, Gator Growl welcomes artists from all over to entertain the student body. The Growl stage has welcomed artists like Walk the Moon and Carlos Mencia and guest speakers and skits created by students. 

The tradition of this event is enhanced by the fireworks and light displays that occur, which are produced by a team of dedicated student staff dedicated to strengthening and improving this event. 

Gator Growl has been recognized by Good Morning America, Comedy Central, Entertainment Tonight.