Ask a Growler: How to Stay Focused in Quarantine

Exam season is approaching quickly, and the Growl staff has some tips on how they have been managing the transition to full-time online classes. Here is Growl’s insight and tips on how to stay organized, manage time, and pick out some of the best places to study in Gainesville.

To stay organized, the staff is split between what they prefer: online or traditional planners. Apps we recommend to stay organized are: Google Calendar, IOS Reminder, Good Notes and Microsoft Teams. These can all be accessed from laptops as well, allowing the user to easily switch between their phone and computer. If you prefer to stay organized through traditional forms, we recommend keeping a detailed planner and making to-do lists. Some of our staff use a planner to plan out their week and color code their classes, while others have their class schedule printed out to keep track of all their classes.

With classes and extracurriculars all taking place almost completely online, it can be easy for the hours to blur together. To avoid losing track of time or causing unnecessary stress due to procrastination, growlers have learned to adapt their time management skills to this new environment.

I’ve been creating a schedule where I can evenly distribute my free time with my study time. Most of my mornings/early afternoons are spent studying/working and the latter half of my day consists of personal activities that I enjoy such as working out, listening to podcasts, reading, and going on walks around Gainesville,” said Aschdin Fink, Associate Producer of Communications.

Other time management tips from our team are to set out specific time blocks for each class, make daily to-do lists and schedules, and make sure to put your phone away when necessary to avoid distractions.

While school seems to get more intense with each day that passes, it is also just as important to prioritize your physical and mental health. Excelling in academics is an essential part of the Gator lifestyle, but doing so requires us to check in on ourselves and our friends, taking brain breaks when necessary. Some of our favorite ways to recharge are to take short breaks away from the screen in between classes, get up and move by walking or stretching after long periods of sitting, and spending quality time with friends and family to stay connected.

As the semester quickly begins to heat up, it is important to invest some time reflecting on what study methods and organizational habits work best for you. With the countdown to this year’s Homecoming celebration beginning, the Gator Growl staff has been tuned in and focusing on how to manage their time effectively between classes and their roles. Hopefully, some of their tips can be just the motivation you need to crush those first exams. Be sure to check out our Instagram story to learn more about some of our daily routines and best study habits!