The Closing Note

While we are sad that Homecoming and Gator Growl 2020 is ending, we are excited to announce that two events that are dear to our hearts, Soulfest Talent Night and The Gator Growl Homecoming Parade, will be closing out.

This is the 20th year anniversary of Soulfest Talent Night, a multi-cultural diversity talent show that spotlights the diverse community that makes up UF and Gainesville. This event was filmed and will be streamed virtually October 18. The event is being hosted by Sarah Louis, Wisnov Egaus, Errenzie Milce and Courtney Theophin. For more information on Soulfest contact Daisha Peek at soulfest@ufhomecoming.org.

On a similar note, The Gator Growl Homecoming Parade will still be occurring this year but in a socially distanced form. This year is the “Stay At Home Parade” and different businesses, student organizations, and locations around UF campus will be decorated to showcase the love they have for our school and for Gator Growl. For more information of The Gator Growl Homecoming parade contact Hunter Thompson at parade@ufhomecoming.org.

A lot has changed this year but Gator Growl is ecstatic to see all the hard work these teams have put into these events in the past months come into fruition.