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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the theme “Limitless” mean?
Limitless is our vision for a more interactive show with a number of acts on various stages, all within a more intimate setting. From big-name entertainment and multiple stages, to front row standing room and VIP tents, the evolution of Gator Growl showcases the limitless spirit of the Gator Nation.  
When is Gator Growl 2014?
Gator Growl will be held on October 17, 2014 from 7-10pm.  
Who is the talent lined up for this year?
We are excited about the possibilities available with the new stage configuration and more intimate setting. This year, we have also asked the students for their input in deciding on the entertainment. The announcement will be made in late summer.  
Will Gator Growl be a family-friendly show?
Gator Growl is a night for students, alumni and the community to all come together and celebrate being part of the Gator Nation. The traditional and core elements of the pep rally – UF cheerleaders, Dazzlers, Pride of the Sunshine Marching Band, Gator athletes and coaches, fireworks and the crowning of the Homecoming King and Queen – will remain the same, with the overall show centric around the student perspective.  
Why is Gator Growl being held at Flavet Field?
The feedback we received from students and alumni was that they wanted a more interactive and intimate show. Our goal is to evolve and elevate the show in an environment that allows both the performers and audience to experience more interaction, and ensure we do so in a fiscally responsible manner. Flavet Field was the best place to execute this vision.  
Having Gator Growl in the Swamp has been a longstanding tradition for UF students and alumni. How will the tradition continue with being in a different location?
We are making the change precisely for that reason: so the tradition will live on. Our goal is to reinvigorate Gator Growl and take it back to its original intention of being an exciting event for students produced by students.
How will this affect the capacity for the show?
Attendance should not be affected. The Swamp is intended for much larger audience, holding 90,000 people. Last year, Gator Growl’s attendance was 15,000 and Flavet Field can accommodate 21,000.  
Do you think this will affect the caliber of talent performing?
Not at all. In fact, this will open more opportunities to bring even better talent to Gator Growl. Historically, talent is very attracted to the energy of the crowd at Gator Growl, but can feel disconnected from it being in such a large venue like The Swamp. With a more intimate venue, guests and the entertainers will be much closer to one another, allowing for a better experience.  
How will the event be set up?
There will be multiple stages for guests to enjoy the show with a variety of viewing options, including standing room near the stages and seating options as well as tents for VIP guests.  
Will tickets be required for the event?
Tickets will be required to attend the show. Ticket information will be shared as it becomes available.  
Where can I receive updates about Gator Growl?
For event information and updates, be sure to follow us on social media. Links to our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts are located at the bottom of this page.  
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