UF Students Reflect on Gator Growl

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UF Students Reflect on Gator Growl When asked to reflect upon Growl, many students repeated the same testament: Gator Growl is a highly anticipated homecoming ritual. The…

HCGG’s Summer Plans

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HCGG’s Summer Plans Although most students go home, have internships or study abroad during the summer months, HCGG stays on campus, working hard to prepare for a…

Staff Spotlight

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Staff Spotlight The two following HCGG directors have demonstrated excellent leadership skills and dedication to HCGG, exceeding all expectations in their roles thus far. HCGG is excited…

The Evolution of Gator Growl

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The Evolution of Gator Growl Gator Growl has greatly transformed since its beginning in 1931. Originally cultivated as “Dad’s Day” back when UF was an all-men’s university,…

This is Gator Country

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  New UF Homecoming & Gator Growl Season Approaches as Finals Begin  University of Florida’s Homecoming & Gator Growl 2019 finishes the spring semester with the introduction…