Homecoming Events

Female Finalists

The University of Florida Homecoming Pageant is one of the longest, most celebrated, standing traditions and components of our annual Homecoming Celebration. The Pageant seeks to highlight some of the most outstanding women and men at this university while giving back to the Gainesville community. This year’s pageant promises to be a marvelous production that will exceed all limits and expectations! This year’s Pageant will take place on October 13 @ 7PM.



The Homecoming Parade is one of the longest running traditions at the University of Florida. On average we typically have an outreach of approximately 100,000 people via attendance, TV broadcast, and radio. Each year, hundreds of student organizations and businesses throughout Florida participate in this event to showcase their achievements, promote businesses, or to just show Gator spirit! We hope to make this the best Homecoming Parade yet! This year’s Parade will take place on October 17 @ 12PM.


Soulfest is a multicultural extravaganza unlike any other on the campus of the University of Florida. It features a compilation of talents showcased by our very own student body. The event also includes organizational tabling, free multicultural food and live performances. Soulfest gives all members of the university and Gainesville community a chance to celebrate the variety of cultures and diversity at UF in the forms of music, dance, and art. Every year Soulfest binds our diversity into a sole event enjoyed by all within the Gator Nation. This year’s Soulfest will take place on October 12 @ 6PM.


Gator Growl and Homecoming will host their annual Talent Night a weekend before the big Homecoming game, in early October. Talent Night is the event open for students to showcase their talents and compete to perform at Gator Growl in front of thousands of students and members of the University of Florida’s community. The show will be held once again at the Phillips Center where 12 talents will compete to perform on the Gator Growl stage! This year’s Talent Night will take place on October 14 @ 7PM.


Gator Gallop (8)

The 2014 Gator Gallop 5k will take place the morning of the homecoming parade, with a route very similar to last year’s run. The 5k will be sponsored by Fit2Run in the Oaks Mall, as well as a handful of other sponsors. The exact date has not yet been set, however the logo for the race is soon to be created. We are very excited for the race and expect to see a great turnout! This year’s Gator Gallop will take place on October 17 @ 11:30AM.



Gators of all ages are welcome at the Alumni BBQ. Taking place before the Homecoming football game at Emerson Hall, the BBQ is the perfect place to tailgate and bond with both new and old friends as you get ready to cheer on the Gators. This year’s BBQ will take place on October 18 (3 hours before game time) @ Gator Nation Tailgate.