Meet our team


Homecoming General Chairman

Lauren Adler


Administrative Assistant

Gator Growl Producer

Corben Champoux


Administrative Assistant

Campus Events

Associate General Chairman of Campus Events
Jenna Stephany | CampusEvents@ufhomecoming.org

Director of Soulfest
Jania Lowe | Soulfest@ufhomecoming.org

Director of Festival
Sydney Brandenburg | Festival@ufhomecoming.org

Director of Pageant
Brianna Adan | Pageant@ufhomecoming.org


Associate Producer of Communications
William Walker | Communications@ufhomecoming.org
Jaimie Ivers | Communications@ufhomecoming.org

Director of Art and Layout
Hays Molm | Layout@ufhomecoming.org

Director of Photography
Adler Garfield | Photography@ufhomecoming.org

Director of Public Relations
Alexandra Newman | PublicRelations@ufhomecoming.org
Mary Katherine Delegal | PublicRelations@ufhomecoming.org

Director of Web Design
Frances Landrum | WebDesign@ufhomecoming.org

Director of Advertising
Aschdin Fink | Advertising@ufhomecoming.org

Director of Marketing
Jewelia Bradley | Marketing@ufhomecoming.org

Community Events

Associate General Chairman of Community Events
Audrey Carver | CommunityEvents@ufhomecoming.org

Director of Parade
Logan Piper | Parade@ufhomecoming.org

Director of Gallop
Brittany McGivern | Gallop@ufhomecoming.org

Director of Homecoming Engagement
Emma Calvert | HomecomingEngagement@ufhomecoming.org

Director of Philanthropy
Daniel Bencivenga | Philanthropy@ufhomecoming.org
Gabriella Manuszak | Philanthropy@ufhomecoming.org

Director of Alumni Relations
Jack Ward | AlumniRelations@ufhomecoming.org
Director of Alumni Relations
Allison Gramer | AlumniRelations@ufhomecoming.org


Associate Producer of Creative
Benjamin Elazar | Creative@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Video and Editing
Brandon Fallin | VideoAndEditing@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Production
Marcos Vivot | CreativeDirector@gatorgrowl.org
Angel Zavala | CreativeDirector@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Film
Gabriel Rojas | CreativeDirector@gatorgrowl.org
Maggie Desrosiers | CreativeDirector@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Script
Dimple Gajjar | CreativeDirector@gatorgrowl.org
Tyler Lucas | CreativeDirector@gatorgrowl.org
Courtney Walsh | CreativeDirector@gatorgrowl.org


Associate Producer of Finance
Madison Hutt | Finance@ufhomecoming.org

Director of Homecoming Finance
Cai Baralt | HocoFinance@ufhomecoming.org

Director of Gator Growl Finance
Jacquelyn Zipay | GrowlFinance@ufhomecoming.org

Director of Special Events
Carson Black | SpecialEvents@ufhomecoming.org

Director of Solicitations
Drew Nelson | Solicitations@ufhomecoming.org

Director of Sponsorships
Peter Staviski | Sponsorships@ufhomecoming.org
Director of Sponsorships
Alyssa Chamberlin | Sponsorships@ufhomecoming.org

Sales & Outreach

Associate Producer of Sales and Outreach
Cooper Brown | OutreachSales@gatorgrowl.org
Alexandra Atlas | OutreachSales@gatorgrowl.org

Director of External Engagement
Morgan Calzon | Excuses@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Internal Engagement
Megan Zahnle | InternalEngagement@fbk.org

Director of Sales
Jasmine Essa | SalesDirector@gatorgrowl.org
Sajid Jafferjee | SalesDirector@gatorgrowl.org
Matt Roof | SalesDirector@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Outreach
Jake Barrett | OutreachDirector@gatorgrowl.org
Meryl Jones | OutreachDirector@gatorgrowl.org
Maya Patel | OutreachDirector@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Tickets and Honored Guests
Serge Melnik | TicketsAndHonoredGuests@gatorgrowl.org


Associate Producer of Productions
David Gunby | Productions@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Hospitality
Amol Dhaliwal | Hospitality@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Operations
Matthew Gomez | Operations@gatorgrowl.org
Brady Alexander | Operations@gatorgrowl.org

Technical Director
Jared Schuster | TechnicalDirector@gatorgrowl.org


Associate Producer of Show
Mike Greenwald | Show@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Cameos
Sophia Bond | Cameos@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Show
Sean Hoffman | ShowDirector@gatorgrowl.org
Austin Freedman | ShowDirector@gatorgrowl.org


Marie Nanney | Historian@ufhomecoming.org