Meet our team


Homecoming General Chairman

Administrative Assistant

Gator Growl Producer

Administrative Assistant

Zakiya Smith-Dore


Campus Events

Assistant General Chairman of Campus Events
Lauren Fernandez | Lauren.Fernandez@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Banquet
Mia Arnold | Mia.Arnold@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Soulfest
Hayat Kemal | Hayat.Kemal@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Festival
Natalie Barakat | Natalie.Barakat@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Pageant
Michelle Harris | Michelle.Harris@gatorgrowl.org


Associate Producer of Communications
Tristan Ahlquist | Tristan.Ahlquist@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Art and Layout
Margaret (Grace) Downey | Margaret.Downey@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Art and Layout
McKenzie Johnson | McKenzie.Johnson@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Photography and Programs
Kayla Tuckerman | Kayla.Tuckerman@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Advertising
Rebecca White | Rebecca.White@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Public Relations
Kristina Manus | Kristina.Manus@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Web Design
Harrison Magoutas | Harrison.Magoutas@gatorgrowl.org

Community Events

Assistant General Chairman of Campus Events
Will Norris | Will.Norris@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Parade
Matt Kessler | Matt.Kessler@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Gallop
Rachel Roth | Rachel.Roth@gatorgrowl.org

Director of BBQ
Dana Congress | Dana.Congress@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Philanthropy
Jared Schermer | Jared.Schermer@gatorgrowl.org


Associate Producer of Creative
Joshua Firestone | Joshua.Firestone@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Casting
Tyler Ellman | Tyler.Ellman@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Editing
Jesse Sokolov | Jesse.Sokolov@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Creative
Elizabeth Frankenthal | Elizabeth.Frankenthal@gatorgrowl.org
Lauren Dreisch | Lauren.Dreisch@gatorgrowl.org
Conor Rigsby | Conor.Rigsby@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Video
Aizey Pineda | Aizey.Pineda@gatorgrowl.org


Associate Producer of Finance
Morgan Reitz | Morgan.Reitz@gatorgrowl.org
Zoe Friedman | Zoe.Friedman@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Sponsorships
Cassie Kasmirski | Cassie.Kasmirski@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Finance
Allison Villarreal | Allison.Villarreal@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Special Events
Nathan Marshall | Nathan.Marshall@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Solicitations
Melody Dickson | Melody.Dickson@gatorgrowl.org

Sales & Outreach

Associate Producer of Sales and Outreach
Alexandra DeVinney | Alexandra.DeVinney@gatorgrowl.org
Katy Feldner | Katy.Feldner@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Sales
William Hedman | William.Hedman@gatorgrowl.org
Emily Dempsey | Emily.Dempsey@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Outreach
Jessica Simmonds-Short | Jessica.Simmonds-Short@gatorgrowl.org
Valery Raymond | Valery.Raymond@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Marketing
Emily Emmanuel | Emily.Emmanuel@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Tickets and Honored Guests
Kristina Brennan | Kristina.Brennan@gatorgrowl.org


Associate Producer of Productions
Brendan Clough | Brendan.Clough@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Hospitality
Emily Koger | Emily.Koger@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Operations
Michael Sumner | Michael.Sumner@gatorgrowl.org

Technical Director
Carly Bernstein | Carly.Bernstein@gatorgrowl.org


Associate Producer of Show
Elise Engle | Elise.Engle@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Cameos
Lauren Bromfield | Lauren.Bromfield@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Show
Rachael Laky | Rachael.Laky@gatorgrowl.org