History of Our Mascot

In 1908 there was no Albert the Alligator or Alberta the queen of the Florida Gators; there was only Austin Miller, a Gainesville native, who went to the University of Virginia, and his father, Phillip Miller, a local business owner.

Phillip went to visit his son and bought some pennants for his store in Gainesville, which happened to have gators on them. Austin Miller said that the symbol of the alligator occurred to him because the alligator was native to the state of Florida and because he thought that no other school claimed the alligator as its symbol. Since then, UF has completely covered campus and the nation with the Florida Gator mascot logo.

“The first live alligator, Albert, came to UF in 1957. Several different live alligators assumed the role of Albert over the years, and even a robotic, motorized reptile held the role. It wasn’t until 1970 that Albert became personified on the field as a full-body vinyl costume,” according to the UF Athletic Association’s website.

Today, Albert and Alberta can be seen rooting on our baseball team, taking pictures with fans during a gymnastic’s meet and doing 2-Bits before every home football game.