Staff Spotlight

HCGG would like to recognize both Maggie DesRosiers and Matthew Gomez, Director of Operations, for this month’s staff spotlight!

DesRosiers is our Director of Film. She is a junior telecommunications student from Scarsdale, New York.

“It is Maggie’s second year in Gator Growl and not only has she been a fantastic member of the Creative team, but she has also been incredibly excited to take on any new project,” said Benjamin Elazar, the Associate Producer of Creative. “Maggie also single handedly prepared our very first video and is continuing to do valuable work for our team.”

Gomez is our Director of Operations. He is a junior construction management student from Tampa, Florida.

“Matthew has been responsible for contacting the many vendors who provide the equipment that helps put on a good show, like temporary field fencing,” said David Gunby, the Associate Producer of Productions. “I have seen how hard Matthew has worked to make sure he gets what he needs done!”

Gator Growl is so lucky to have directors who are excited about UF Homecoming and dedicate time and effort to the Gator Nation.