Meet our team



Homecoming General Chairman
Logan Piper | Chair@ufhomecoming.org

Administrative Assistant
Lexie Atlas | ChairAssistant@ufhomecoming.org

Gator Growl

Executive Producer of Gator Growl
David Gunby | Producer@ufhomecoming.org

Administrative Assistant
Lauren Baker | AdministrativeAssistant@ufhomecoming.org

Campus Events

Associate General Chairman of Campus Events
Carson Goodman | CampusEvents@ufhomecoming.org

Director of Soulfest
Daisha Peek | Soulfest@ufhomecoming.org

Director of Festival
Alyssa Stern | Festival@ufhomecoming.org

Director of Pageant
Katie Berlin | Pageant@ufhomecoming.org

Director of Campus Engagement
Alex Shoaf | campusengagement@ufhomecoming.org


Associate Producer of Communications
Aschdin Fink | Communications@ufhomecoming.org
Hays Molm | Communications@ufhomecoming.org

Director of Art and Layout
Kerlin Lemus | layout@ufhomecoming.org
Veronica Vintilla | layout@ufhomecoming.org

Director of Photography
Kiana Diaz | Photography@ufhomecoming.org

Director of Public Relations
Stephanie Stone | PublicRelations@ufhomecoming.org
Madeline Wells | PublicRelations@ufhomecoming.org

Director of Web Design and Development
Frances Landrum | WebDesign@ufhomecoming.org
Spencer Comora | WebDesign@ufhomecoming.org

Director of Advertising
Arielle Astra | Advertising@ufhomecoming.org

Community Events

Associate General Chairman of Community Events
Tyler Lucas | CommunityEvents@ufhomecoming.org

Director of Parade
Hunter Thompson | Parade@ufhomecoming.org

Director of Gallop
Elle Chumlongluk | Gallop@ufhomecoming.org

Director of Philanthropy
Shaine Varghese | Philanthropy@ufhomecoming.org
Owen Beylus | Philanthropy@ufhomecoming.org

Director of Alumni Relations
Hayley Price | AlumniRelations@ufhomecoming.org
Joaquim Jose | AlumniRelations@ufhomecoming.org

Accountability and Engagement

Associate Producer of Accountability and Engagement
Feraby Hoffman | engagement@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Logistics
Alexa Entringer | logistics@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Accountability
Lauren Shoemaker | accountability@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Internal Engagement
Gabi Zlatanoff | internalengagement@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Engagement
Annika Katare | externalengagement@gatorgrowl.org


Associate Producer of Finance
Cai Baralt | Finance@ufhomecoming.org

Director of Homecoming Finance
Annabelle Groux | HocoFinance@ufhomecoming.org

Director of Gator Growl Finance
Chris Bass | GrowlFinance@ufhomecoming.org

Director of Special Events
Zachary Machado | SpecialEvents@ufhomecoming.org

Director of Solicitations
Danielle Imbrigiotta | Solicitations@ufhomecoming.org

Director of Sponsorships
Chris O’Meara | Sponsorships@ufhomecoming.org
Reid Marlett | Sponsorships@ufhomecoming.org

Sales & Outreach

Associate Producer of Sales and Outreach
Alex Coffey | OutreachSales@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Campus Outreach
Andrew Goren | OutreachDirector@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Community Outreach
Emmy Iannone | CommunityOutreach@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Sales
Ali Torregrosa | SalesDirector@gatorgrowl.org
Audrey Wikan | SalesDirector@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Tickets and Honored Guests
Ryan Rosengard | TicketsAndHonoredGuests@gatorgrowl.org


Associate Producer of Productions
Brady Alexander | Productions@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Internal Hospitality
Carson Boogaart | Hospitality@gatorgrowl.org

Director of External Hospitality
Kelly Mathesie | Hospitality@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Operations
Jared Weingard | Operations@gatorgrowl.org

Technical Director
Kyle Stoker | TechnicalDirector@gatorgrowl.org
Reece Tappan | TechnicalDirector@gatorgrowl.org


Associate Producer of Show
Sean Hoffman | Show@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Cameos
Sophia Bond | Cameos@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Show
Perry Bechtle | ShowDirector@gatorgrowl.org
Jazlyn Edwards | ShowDirector@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Video Editing
Jack Webber | VideoEditing@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Film
Taylor Fishman | Film@gatorgrowl.org

Director of Script
Daniel Kaplan | Script@gatorgrowl.org


Jenna Stephany | Historian@ufhomecoming.org